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How many deputies does the lower chamber have? Executive power is exercised by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Government implements the executive power in the country. The Senate is formed by 47 deputies two people are elected from each of the 20 regions; seven deputies are appointed by the President. The President of the Republic is the guarantor of the unity of the people and the state power, inviolability of the Constitution, rights and freedoms of an individual and citizen. We would like to remind you that you will need to have a digital signature. Авторское свидетельство о публикации в СМИ.

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Time and Reason. Result and Purpose. Contrast and Reduced. How does it work? Political System of Kazakhstan Political system of kazakhstan эссе to the Constitution, adopted at the national referendum on August 30,the Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government, which has three independent branches: executive, legislative and judicial.

Executive branch Executive power is exercised by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the present in the country act more than nongovernmental organizations which realize the work in all socially significant spheres.

In the Kazakhstan function published mass media including newspapers and magazines, electronic mass media, including TV companies and TV Radio companies, 40 Radio companies and 11 information agencies.

The owners of mass media are public associations, 11 editions belong to the political parties and movements and 10 belong to the religious organizations.

Kazakh Elections 2019: Politics after Nazarbayev

In the Kazakhstan there is a dynamic development of Internet and cable TV. On the information market extensively used the modern information technologies.

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How many deputies does the higher chamber have? How many deputies does the lower chamber have? Can a member of the Parliament be simultaneously the member of both chambers?

What is the judicial power vested in? What are administrative division units in Kazakhstan? What city has a special status?

What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

Legislative Branch: Kazakhstan has a bicameral Parliament, which consists of the Senate the upper house and Majilis House of Representative. The term of the powers of Senate deputies is six years; term of the powers of the Majilis deputies is five years.

What status does Almaty have? What is the difference of Astana, Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan? What is an akimat? What is the akim responsible for?

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Task 3. Give the definition of the following terms: 2 the constitution 1. Translate into English: 1.

The akim is the head of the akimat and represents the President and the Government of the Republic in the province. It is headed by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the president. Local representative bodies Maslihats express the will of the population of the corresponding administrative territorial units. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form: The capital of Kazakhstan … to transfer from Almaty into Astana in Put the verb in brackets into the correct form: The present constitution to adopt on August, 30 in

День независимости Independence Day в Казахстане отмечается mark 16 декабря. Новый гимн anthem Казахстана был принят adopt в году. Первый президент Казахстана был избран elect в году. Казахстан разделен divide на 14 областей. Казахстан управляется govern президентом. Законы и законопроекты bills составляются make Парламентом. Правительство Казахстана возглавляется head премьер — министром. Государственные символы state путин газпром доклад немцова Казахстана были приняты political system of kazakhstan эссе в году.

Парламент Казахстана делится divide на Мажилис и Сенат. Каждая область в Казахстане возглавляется head Акимом. Kazakhstan also has significant oil and gas resources and holds the 9 th place in the world in proven oil reserves, most of which are located in the western regions. Rice, cotton, and tobacco are cultivated in the south of the country.

Kazakhstan is also famous for its gardens, vineyards and melons. Livestock farming is another leading area of agriculture in the country. According to the British experts, out of 25 of the most dynamic economies of the first decade of the 21 st century Kazakhstan is ranked third, leaving behind China and Qatar. According to the World Bank, the country has joined the group of countries with above-average income. In the ranking of global competitiveness of the International Institute for Management Development IMD in the country took the 34 th place, ahead of Political system of kazakhstan эссе, Turkey, Italy and many other countries.

Kazakhstan exports mining products, fuel, energy, the products of metallurgical and chemical industries, along with grain. To diversify its economy, the country has successfully implemented a Programme of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative development, stipulating the modernization of the old enterprises and opening of the new ones.


It is also planned to transform the country into the largest business and transit hub of the region. By the yearthe volume of transit traffic through Kazakhstan is expected to increase almost twice.

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What are the functions of local representative and executive bodies? Find English equivalents: президентская форма правления высший представительный орган всеобщее равноправное прямое голосование назначаться президентом продлить срок путем проведения референдума парламентские выборы осуществлять законодательные функции исполнительская власть одномандатный территориальный округ быть подотчетным президенту осуществлять контроль над проблемами местные представительские органы 4.

Political System of Kazakhstan

Match a word with its definition: assembly.