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Dealer: Good morning ,sir. Комментариев к статье: 1 Shxbozjon. Деловые письма Фразы на английском Резюме на английском Собеседование на английском Экономический английский Английский для юристов Полезная информация. Популярные статьи. I should say that cars have brought a lot of problems, such as air pollution and traffic jams.

Travelling from one place to another became easier and faster. Besides when we go by car, comfort during the trip is guaranteed.


There are many types of cars: small, large, cargo сars, minivans, jeeps. All of them are multifunctional.

First and the most important role of the car is driving to work and back. Many people in big cities live in the suburbs but work in the downtown. When the road traffic is heavy they can use public transport. Second role of the car is to travel to long distances, for instance, to other cities or countries.

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There are, of course, other ways of travelling: by bus, by train, by plane. However, only cars let us feel comfortable and free on the way. Many people choose cars because of the beautiful view from the window. Bicycle is popular among young people.

The most popular means of transport is a car. Тем не менее, только в автомобилях можно чувствовать себя комфортно и свободно в пути.

They use it during the warm seasons to travel around the city or the nearby places. Train is popular for its low cost and cozy atmosphere. Planе is popular for its speed but the cost is quite high.

Реферат про автомобили на английском языке с переводом 538

It is thought to be the safest means of transport among all. The most luxurious means of transport is a ship. I mean not those small ordinary ships, but the ones that travel across the oceans with thousands of tourists. They are often called liners. Существует столько видов транспорта, сколько вообще можно вообразить.

Существуют различные мнения на счет автомобилей и их воздействия. Apart from cars, people use public transportation for travel purposes, including trams, buses, mini vans, local trains, etc. The future of car technologies is vague, although there are some advances being developed. The only thing that can stop you is your driving license and the foreign country rules. Я говорю не о тех маленьких обычных кораблях, а о тех, что путешествуют через океаны с тысячами туристов.

Это автобус, велосипед, автомобиль, корабль, поезд, самолет и так далее. И сегодня я хочу обсудить. Самым популярным средством передвижения является автомобиль.

В наше время существует так много производителей автомобилей и так много марок, что автомобиль становится наиболее популярным и комфортным видом транспорта. Вы можете путешествовать на машине везде.

Еще одним популярным транспортом является автобус. Automobiles or any other motor vehicles gave people the opportunity to move and travel faster. Using реферат про автомобили на английском языке с переводом, people easily commute from one town to another to get to work.

The history of automobiles started inwhen German inventor Karl Benz invented a motorized wagon to replace ordinary, animal-drafted carriages. First modern car was introduced in by Henry Ford. Apart from cars, people use public transportation for travel purposes, including trams, buses, mini vans, local trains, etc. There are different opinions on automobiles and their impact. For example, some people think that they have improved our life, but some find them health dangerous and unnecessary.

Modern equivalent of cars is the bicycle. This has made a bicycle the most eco-friendly vehicle. Thirdly, riding a bicycle keeps people fit and in good shape. However, there are millions of people рефераты на тему would never abandon cars as they provide comfort and convenience. Использовать для каких-либо целей материалы данного сайта можно только с письменного разрешения владельцев!

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Дилер: Если вы заинтересованы в машине для всей семьи,новый Олдсмобил Дельта 88 будет хорошей покупкой. Here we are.

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This car will get you an excellent gas mileage. Do you like the color? Дилер: Сюда,пожалуйста. Это очень популярная модель. Давайте посмотрим. Вот мы и пришли.


На этой машине вы сэкономите на бензине. Вам нравится цвет? Клиент: Да,темно-синий-мой любимый цвет.

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Какими особыми удобствами букв. Dealer: Absolutely. It uses lighter material in the body,and it has a new type of carburetor.