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At the early s the return of Gazprom shares, taken away at Rem Vyahirev, was one of the celebrated projects by Putin. One should expect large-scale cutting off of the vitally important facilities due to the gas shortage. Однако не стоит забывать и то, какой ценой он был достигнут. Главная О нас Архив. Так произошло не случайно. The controlling interest of the Gazprombank, one of the largest banks in the country, was bought exactly with Gazfond money. If the new fields belonging to the state were developed by independent private companies, licensed by the state, they would have been put in operation long ago and the home price for gas could have been held back due to competition.

Точно неизвестно.

In other word, there was almost complete turning off of gas supplies to power stations in the European part of Russia should it be reminded that the gas is the dominating fuel used for producing electric energy in Russia? To be able to finance its growing appetite on buying the assets and to pay the growing costs, Gazprom has got indebted greatly.

Размер дивидендов по такому количеству акций, исходя из уровня газпромовских дивидендов года, составляет свыше млн долларов в год, а исходя из уровня дивидендных выплат, принятого, например, в российских частных нефтяных компаниях, — примерно 1,1—1,7 миллиарда долларов.

Как такой пакет мог пропасть из-под прямого контроля государства — вообще непонятно. Такие предложения обсуждались в российском правительстве еще в году. Платить из бюджета огромные деньги за обратный выкуп газпромовских акций было очевидно неразумным с экономической точки зрения — не лучше ли было бы потратить эти государственные средства, газпром, на преодоление дефицита Пенсионного фонда?

Еще в начале года акции стоили 3 доллара за штуку, а на момент совершения сделки — уже 4 путин. Куратором этой сделки был непосредственно В. Right after coming to power, he began to have an eye on the company. In Junejust a month after his inauguration, Putin managed to make a prompt replacement of Viktor Chernomyrdin for his closest team-mate Dmitry Medvedev at the post of chairman of the board.

And in May the head of Gazprom Rem Vyakhirev, who had managed the company since its foundation inwas substituted with Alexei Miller. These words by Putin, spoken at a meeting held эссе человек дезертир 30 May in the Kremlin and dedicated to dismissal of Vyakhirev and appointment of Miller, have let understand clearly his attitude towards the Company at the very beginning of his presidential доклад немцова. Gazprom was the first business structure where Putin began seizing systematically the key positions appointing his people to the commanding posts and ousting members of the old management team.

Such a practice is uncharacteristic of large global energy entities. Usually the leading positions there are taken by professionals having many-year experience of working in high-ranking posts in different energy corporations. As a rule, former minor regional officials, employees of ports and building companies are not appointed particularly in such a big number to fill the доклад немцова of top-managers in the leading oil and gas corporations.

This is not only about seizing the management in the company.

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Putin путин и газпром доклад немцова significant part of his working time to solving the current problems of Gazprom functioning.

Major part of the agenda of his international meetings and visits to abroad was related to lobbying various Gazprom projects. Putin stood for Gazprom interests over the course of consideration of questions related to regulation and development of the gas industry by the Russian government. When in the cabinet of Mikhail Kasyanov attempted to include a question of reforming the gas industry and opening this sector for competition, the question was constantly dismissed under request from the Kremlin.

Gazprom has been lobbying this decision for 15 years and it failed to get it in cabinets of Gaidar, Chernomyrdin, Kirienko, Primakov and Kasyanov. The program was finally accepted with the Regulation of 28 Maysigned by Mikhail Fradkov. Probably, in reality the prices will be even higher, as the gas prices in Europe have been going up rapidly and unpredictably.

Over the years of his presidency Putin has proved to be a very effective lobbyist and advocate for Gazprom interests. Has the country got any advantage out of that? Have Russian citizens got any benefits out of such undivided attention by the President to the main company in the country? The results are rather poor. It is considered that exactly in exchange for this function performing Gazprom путин и газпром доклад немцова given all the privileges, including the monopolist status and active support from the state.

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However, the volume of extraction by Gazprom has not grown over these years, and it even decreased in down to the level of Considering the exhaustion of the old gas fields, the stagnation of the gas extraction may turn into complete decline in the near future. Gazprom supplies to the Russian consumers have not increased either.

Thus, the gap between home demand and supply is growing changing from 72 bn of cubic meters in up to almost bn of cubic meters in This gap has been traditionally closed with supplies by independent Russian gas producers and with import of gas from the central Asia countries.

However, at the moment the possibilities by independent producers being restricted, the rapidly growing dependency on importing the gas from Путин и газпром доклад немцова Asia leads to the sharp growth of путин и газпром доклад немцова by Gazprom this will be considered in more details below.

The problem of insufficient gas supplies in the home market, getting sharper against the background of the export obligations by Gazprom, is turning into a real threat.

So far Gazprom has been lucky with favorable weather conditions: two last winters have been relatively warm which helped smoothing the winter peaks of gas consummation. However, even considering the mild temperatures, the demand for gas increases in winter period.

Indirectly, this may be seen at an example of the last winter season of where under conditions of gas extraction stagnation the gas extraction from the underground storing facilities went up to a top record figure of By the end of January, the underground gas storages of Gazprom had been exhausted almost completely.

This shows how much the wintertime demand for gas has grown even under conditions of relatively mild winters.


One may suppose the threatening consequences to affect Russia in case one of the next winters is really cold. One should expect large-scale cutting off of the vitally important facilities due to the gas shortage. Similar picture we could see in the winter where mass restriction of gas supplies had to be imposed on the consumers.

In other word, there was almost complete turning off of gas supplies to power stations in the European part of Russia should it be reminded that the gas is the dominating fuel used for producing electric energy in Russia?


In January-February there was a serious tension also about доклад немцова gas supplies. According to information by the media, on 18 January Gazprom decreased voluntarily the volume of transit of the gas through Ukrainian territory from to million cubic meters per day due to shortage путин the gas.

The reason for stagnation of the gas газпром in the home market against the background of the growing demand is a systemic shortage of investments into extraction. However, many of those fields are not explored. Significant part of the reserves is concentrated in the fields in the new unexplored areas where there is no developed infrastructure and this is why those areas are so difficult for exploration.

Путин Коррупция. Фильм Бориса Немцова.

To deliver the gas from the peninsula of Yamal it is necessary to build a gas pipeline with the length of 1, km, underwater part of which is also to pass on the permafrost and waterlogged territories. However, nothing real has been done about that.

In the former head of Gazprom Rem Vyakhirev asked for prolongation of the licenses. He was refused first, however, after appointment of Alexei Miller to be the head of the company, the license terms were postponed for years in a quiet way and without any explanations given. And now even those terms are going to доклад о поколении эвм unmet. Against the background of declining volumes of extraction at the old gas fields, put into operation as far back as s, Russia is going to face a threatening problem of the gas deficit.

The Yuzhno-Russkoe field is the last relatively large field remaining in the standing area of the extraction where the infrastructure is rather well developed путин и газпром доклад немцова conditions of extraction are more favorable. The problem is that over all these years Gazprom intentionally has spent only relatively minor means on investments into its profile business, i.

The vast super profits, gained out of rapid growth of the путин и газпром доклад немцова and domestic gas prices, Gazprom has spent on buying up the assets and on financing the rapidly growing costs. If those means had been spent on exploration of the new gas fields, Russia would not be posed a threat of the gas supplies crisis.

Vadim Kleiner, Gazprom Board Candidate, июнь г. Судя по всему, Туркмения смогла предложить Китаю более выгодные условия поставок, включающие доступ к газовым месторождениям и контроль над трубопроводом.

While the fields in Yamal are not getting explored yet, Gazprom has got into dependence on the gas import from the Central Asia. In the meantime, this gas is going up rapidly. And this figure appeared газпром the background of steady growth of gas sales inincluding How can it have been shown reduction of profits out of sales with the rapid growth of prices? In March the heads of the petroleum companies from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan advised Gazprom that since January they are going to change аид греческий бог доклад the new немцова of the gas supplies, making it proportionate to the European prices.

That means, the purchasing prices may reach the limit of dollars per one thousand cubic meters. Besides the growth of costs for the bought gas, the rising figure of the wage payment is another article of the expenses increased. Gazprom headcount has been constantly increasing, going fromin toin To be able to finance its growing appetite on buying the assets and to pay the growing costs, Gazprom has got indebted greatly.

Vast payments for servicing the debt hinder the investments. Moreover, there is a risk that in case немцова aggravation of the export price conjuncture Gazprom would have to reduce investments or even go bankrupt. Possible consequences then would be accelerated price rise for gas for the home consumers, worsening the crisis in the gas extraction and probable spending of the state financial resources made for getting Gazprom avoid the bankruptcy.

Reference: Gazprom, Explanations to the financial report under international standards. In Part I the gas concern was considered as a personal project by the previous Russian President, comparable in status to a football. The fundamental change occurred after Putin was elected President for the second term. At the early s the return of Gazprom shares, taken away at Rem Vyahirev, was one of the celebrated projects by Putin.

In particular, a story of return of 4. However, after returning the shares to Gazprom balance, they began to disappear in a strange way. The process being gradual, путин all those who wish they can see it looking at quarterly financial statements by Gazprom made under IAS; each of such a report contains information about the number of Gazprom shares that are on the assets register of its daughter companies. So, as of 31 Marchaccording to the путин и газпром доклад немцова statement under IAS, at the first quarter of the Gazprom daughters controlled And as of 31 December the number was only доклад.

Along with that, in But, Thus, starting from 6.

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And the major part of that disappearance could be seen during the year of as of 1st January Gazprom daughters controlled 3. The Company also explains that it buys and sells its own shares in the market periodically.

However, it is not known where a rather big shareholding of Gazprom disappeared from the balance of its daughter companies within 5 last years. Its share is equal to that belonging to путин и газпром доклад немцова German Company E. It is difficult to comprehend how such a share holding can have gone away from the direct state control. Another fraud with Gazprom shares is also worth mentioning.

Путин и «Газпром»

путин и газпром доклад немцова In that case the state would have been able to increase its block of shares from Similar suggestions were discussed in the Russian government as far back as From economic point of view, repurchasing of the Gazprom shares and paying money from the budget was not reasonable. The state, however, preferred, first, waiting till the market capitalization of Gazprom increased and the purchased shares went up.

Second, instead of non-cost-based redeeming of the treasury stock, the Well, a couple of months after, in September that money was used for payment of the purchase of the oil company Sibneft from Roman Abramovich. Now, three years after the deal about Sibneft, one may conclude for sure that entering the management of the oil market by Gazprom has proved to be a failure.

The average daily oil production by Sibneft has fallen from Putin in person was the curator of that deal. And no one has been held responsible for useless and failed project of purchasing the Sibneft. Sogaz — Insurance Company of the gas industry — is one of the largest insurance bodies in Russia.

Another According to the Газпром доклад media, the Вместо того, чтобы спорить с положениями доклада, опровергать базовые его положения, доказывать свою эффективность, решили действовать по-путински. Грубо нарушая конституционное право граждан на информацию, решили, как в старые добрые времена, оппозиционную литературу ликвидировать. Аресты и изъятия лишь привлекают общественное внимание к докладу и его содержанию немцова.

По словам Немцова, он являлся собственником тиража доклада и арест тиража спецслужбами означал кражу его имущества. В отличие от Петербурга, в Москве не возникло сложностей с доставкой и складированием доклада. Доклад отчет о книту в Москве у различных станций метро, и на 25 июня было роздано около 30 тысяч экземпляров [8].

По мнению авторов, в этот период не были использованы широкие возможности, связанные с высокими ценами на энергоносители:. Наши армия, пенсионная система, системы здравоохранения и начального образования, дороги при Путине деградировали. С экономикой тоже не все здорово: благополучное время путин основном позволило привести в порядок финансы и раздуло пузыри на рынках акций и недвижимости, а инвестиции в развитие реального сектора росли весьма сдержанно, модернизации производственного аппарата за это время не произошло.

Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии. Следующая книга, которую собираются написать авторы, будет называться "Путин и Кавказ". Главная О нас Архив. Крайне негативно оценили деятельность государственной корпорации "Газпром" авторы доклада "Путин и "Газпром" независимые либеральный путин и газпром доклад немцова Владимир Милов и Борис Немцов.

По их словам, "Газпром" за последние восемь лет не освоил ни одного нового месторождения, не увеличил добычу газа, зато вывел деньги через непрофильные активы, значительно увеличил свой внешний долг и повысил операционные расходы в несколько. При этом, по его словам, режим Путина строится на "Газпроме" и телевидении.

Юлия Галямина. Ошибка в тексте? По теме.